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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Joining be Free?

     There are no costs, and no credit card numbers will ever be asked for. If you are a TGA patient or a family member, you have already paid the price of admission. If you are a researcher or medical provider, your cost is also zero.



What is the Time Commitment?

     Your choice, because you control your keyboard. You look over the email subject lines and decide what to open. You quickly scan the email text box and decide if you want to open the attachment if one is included. You decide to open the attachment and read it over or not. If you see changes, controversy, edits, errors, omissions, or you just have an idea - then you let us know by email. We do not have any deadlines for our own website, but occasionally we may face an outside publisher's deadline causing us to send out a special email with an attachment for review. Every Friday you will get an email update and a monthly report too.


How Is My Information Protected?

     We follow HIPPA Confidentiality Guidelines. We never ask for personal contact information such as a street address, postal address, or city. We never ask for your home phone number or your cell number. We never ask for a credit card number or anything about your banking. We try not to ask for last names unless we get too many Sally's or Steve's.

Our site is Health on the Net certified. HON Conduct # 381844.


How are New Members Solicited?

     Facebook was PHASE 1 of our beginning invite list. We befriended many of the active posters and then followed up with a Messenger email. We explained the TGA Project and gave them the option to join by submitting their email address. The email then took their first name, US State or International Country, and the next TGA Membership number into a line on our database. If the last name is supplied that can be helpful due to repeat Sally's and Steve's - but it really isn't required.

      Now we are in PHASE 2, and enrolling new members via their direct application through our website. The above requirements are still all we need: email, name, and location.

     If you desire to OPT-OUT, we simply delete your name and email from your TGA line number. That just leaves your number line blank with your information deleted. Or you can step down to Limited and only receive the Monthly Update. Even when you Opt-Out, you still have full access to our website.


How Do I Cancel My Membership?

     We call it OPT-OUT. Please notify us by email ( We simply leave your TGA line number in our database with the words Opt-Out instead of your name, email, and location. If you get an extra email or two after you Opt-Out, please give us 2-3 days or remind us to remove your email from the group email list. You will still have full access to our website and Facebook page.


Can Members of My Family Join?

     Yes. You can contact us at with their first name, US State or International Country, and their email. They can submit their name, location, and email via the website contact. Either way, the cost is still FREE.


Are There Surveys and Polls?

     Yes. We have worked on several surveys relating to TGA symptoms, triggers, and after-effects. The design of this website became a higher priority than the surveys, but they can be found in our Project Files section of the Library. They are currently in Excel format and still need further editing. We give you the following options: participation, level of completion, means to submit, and what will be done with the collected data. Please see the Privacy Page for complete details.


How is the TGA Project Funded?

     We are a grassroots group of over 200 TGA volunteers from around the world. We have a zero budget spreadsheet. We don't accept donations. We give our time, ideas, suggestions, corrections, and criticisms to the TGA Project as a free-will offering. We receive no funding from any outside sources.


Why is TGA so Unique?

     Compared to other human conditions, our neurological patient count is very small in numbers. Some of that may be due to language barriers, some people may not report their TGA event, some may not get a true TGA diagnosis, and some may not go to the internet to learn more about TGA and thus find us. Therefore, with such small numbers, we are only researched by a few medical researchers.

      TGA has remained unique in several ways. There are several possible triggers. There are other similar possible neurological diagnoses. There are varying lengths of time TGA patients are in the "reboot phase." There are some patients who have repeat events over the years and others who have had only one. There are many with no after effects, and there are some with lingering after-effects.

      We are very fortunate that TGA is not a terminal diagnosis, nor does it require surgery, and it doesn't leave one paralyzed, blind, or deaf. Its complication comes from its sudden onset, its bizarre symptom of zero short-term memory for several hours, and its brush with dementia.

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