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Please Welcome,
Dr. Nathan Schwartz

March 14, 2023 by Richard Holl

Dr. Nathan Schwartz contacted the TGA Project through our Contact Link. We had several email conversations regarding his interest in TGA episodes and how he could be of assistance to us. In those emails we discussed the TGA Project's mission and our wide selection of TGA topics.

Topics with the greatest importance were:

  • HIPPA compliance

  • Disclaimer Statement that we do not provide medical advise

  • Proper acknowledgments for research articles and/or quotes

  • Factual pertinence of topics

This voluntary position as a medical advisor concerns only the TGA Project website at regarding editing, proper acknowledgements, and factual TGA articles. Dr. Schwartz will not be providing any medical diagnosis or treatment plans. 

Thank you, Dr. Nathan Schwartz for your time and expertise!

If you have need to contact Dr. Schwartz please use the following email:

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